Globalization – Rise of Networks


Globalization - The Rise of Networks This series of short films documents the fast-changing landscape at the intersection of globalization and the ongoing expansion of information networks. Although the initial phases of economic globalization maybe behind us today soaring flows of cross-border data channeled through the internet are taking globalization [...]

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Global Cities Documentary


Global Cities Documentary Cities have been for thousands of years the centers of civilization as they have watched empires, kingdoms, governments, and corporations come and go. But in the space of just a few decades our urban fabric is undergoing a radical transformation; today’s wave of mass urbanization [...]

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Network Society Documentary


Network Society Short Film The information revolution is often identified as the most profound driver of change in our world today, enabling an ongoing disruptive transformation in the deep structure to our Industrial Age social institutions as we move further into the 21st century. Information technology is unleashing [...]

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