Financialization Explainer


Financialization Explainer Financialization is an economic paradigm where the conversion of real economic value into financial instruments and their exchange within the financial system comes to dominate economic institutions, activity and value creation.  Through financialization, the financial industry converts any work product, physical asset or service to an [...]

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Full Cost Accounting


Why Full Cost Accounting In this video we explain the concept of full cost accounting and why it can be an effective method for managing common natural and social resources in a distributed fashion through the market. Full cost accounting refers to accounting for the complete cost or benefit [...]

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Digital Platforms: In Numbers


Digital Platforms: In Numbers Short image and text presentation highlighting the scale and impact of digital platforms on the physical economy. This video tries to highlight how online platforms like Alibaba, Uber or AirBnB are playing an increasingly important role in organizing physical assets, from the flow of products exchanged [...]

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Wicked Problems Video


Wicked Problems Video Short video and text production explaining wicked problems. Wicked problems are highly complex problems. They are unstructured, open-ended, multi-dimensional, systemic, have no known solution. Examples include: inequality, terrorism, environmental degradation or multicultural intergration. Wicked problems as essentially dysfunctionalities within a complex system Systemic... These wicked problems [...]

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Knowledge Society


Knowledge Society Over the past several decades, a number of scholars and commentators have come to the conclusion that the leading edge of the global economy has become driven by technologies based on knowledge production and dissemination, heralding the emergence of a knowledge-based economy and society. With the [...]

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Blockchain… What is Possible?


Blockchain... What is Possible? "The future global economy will move towards one of distributed property and trust where anyone with internet access will get involved in blockchain based transactions and third-party trust organizations may no longer be necessary" - World Economic Forum The blockchain is a new class [...]

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Networked Organizations


Networked Organizations We are pleased to present our short film about complexity management and networked organizations with narration from Don Tapscott. The rise of networked organizations can be seen as a new form of IT-enabled organization that is adapted to complex environments. The business climate of the new millennium is characterized [...]

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Dematerialization Explained


Dematerialization: Explainer Dematerialization refers to the absolute or relative reduction in the quantity of materials required to serve economic functions in society. The UNEP defines it as such”the reduction of total materials and energy throughput of any product and service, and thus the limitation of its environmental impact. This includes reduction [...]

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