Decentralized Organizations Research


Decentralized Organizations Research This is a research project initiated and funded by our partner organization Trixta. The aim is to conduct a preliminary assessment of existing models and solutions for managing organizations in a decentralized fashion. A review of existing approaches to the development of decentralized organizations will be done looking at such organization [...]

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Philanthropy Economy Research


Complexity & The Philanthropy Economy This is a research project initiated by Dwight Poler to apply complexity theory to modeling and rethinking the philanthropy economy. This project will involved conducting research to produce a paper that covers the following topics: Insight - What is The Philanthropy Economy? Laying down a definition for philanthropy and [...]

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We worked with the Blocksafe Alliance for an extended period writing their white paper that outlines the overall project. We then produced explainer videos to communicate this in an accessible form to their community and potential users.


Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles


Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles Project details: We worked with the Israeli startup DAV network that develops a decentralized approach to transportation based upon blockchain technology and token economics, enabling vehicles - such as a drone, car or lorry - to provide transport services to the network and earn tokens. We work with them to shape [...]

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Decentralized Governance System Design


Decentralized Governance System Challenge: Write the whitepaper for a decentralized system of governance built on blockchain technology This project was in partnership with an initiative for the development of a decentralized system of governance. Based upon blockchain technology aimed to create a complete solution for governance in a decentralized fashion. We worked [...]

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