Complex Engineered Systems – Theme


Complex Engineered Systems - Theme As a function of the rise of information technology, the nature of our technology infrastructure is changing. From driving to work, to paying for a cup of coffee, to checking our emails, with almost every action and activity in our lives today we find ourselves [...]

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Blockchain… What is Possible?


Blockchain... What is Possible? "The future global economy will move towards one of distributed property and trust where anyone with internet access will get involved in blockchain based transactions and third-party trust organizations may no longer be necessary" - World Economic Forum The blockchain is a new class [...]

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IoT Blockchain


IoT Blockchain The internet is evolving into a new technology paradigm based around smart systems, the blockchain, platforms, and IoT. In the coming years, these technologies will interact and converge in new and unpredictable ways. The convergence of IoT and blockchain will be a major part of this evolution, [...]

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The Analytics Revolution


The Information Revolution Continued The information revolution is entering a new stage as information technology extends farther, deeper and becomes more pervasive... made technically possible by the confluence of cloud computing, machine learning, big data structures and the internet of things. Datafication and processes of computation are rapidly expanding out [...]

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