About Systems Innovation


What? Systems Innovation is a community-powered platform for the application of systems and complexity theory towards the development of innovative new solutions to wicked problems. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the key systems we all use and rely on need to evolve and we believe that complexity & systems thinking are central [...]

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Energy Resilience


As economies develop they require a greater input of energy, and they become more dependent on the continuous input of that energy in order to maintain their basic structure and processes

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The Value Of Water


Water which can easily be seen as the most valuable resource on Earth is in many places treated as if it did not have any value at all. But the scarcity of water globally - where and when it is needed - is an increasing economic reality that will likely change the nature of the value we ascribe to water in the coming decades.

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Integrated Water Management


Water flows through almost every part of our economies and everything we do. It connects, agriculture, health, energy, food, environment, and conflict. Of all the domains to an economy, it is likely to be the most resistant to a reductionist approach to management.

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Complexity Theory: Key Concepts


Complexity Theory: Key Concepts This video presents some of the key concepts in complex systems theory in pictures. We look at systems, non-linearity, networks, self-organization and adaptation using rich visuals. There are many definitions for what a complex system is here are just a sample of them; The Advances [...]

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