Economy Systems Innovation – Theme


Economic Systems Innovation Theme As many nations around the world reach the end of the processes of industrialization and become integrated into a new form of global information and services economy, profound transformations in how our economies work are today well underway. Traditional patterns of work, production, and consumption that [...]

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Managing Complexity Short Film


Managing Complexity A short film looking at the rise of complexity in industry and management. Complexity management is the application of complex systems theory to the management of complex organizations and environments. Complexity management may be understood as the application of complexity theory to the practice of management. [...]

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Globalization – Rise of Networks


Globalization - The Rise of Networks This series of short films documents the fast-changing landscape at the intersection of globalization and the ongoing expansion of information networks. Although the initial phases of economic globalization maybe behind us today soaring flows of cross-border data channeled through the internet are taking globalization [...]

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Financialization Explainer


Financialization Explainer Financialization is an economic paradigm where the conversion of real economic value into financial instruments and their exchange within the financial system comes to dominate economic institutions, activity and value creation.  Through financialization, the financial industry converts any work product, physical asset or service to an [...]

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Digital Platforms: In Numbers


Digital Platforms: In Numbers Short image and text presentation highlighting the scale and impact of digital platforms on the physical economy. This video tries to highlight how online platforms like Alibaba, Uber or AirBnB are playing an increasingly important role in organizing physical assets, from the flow of products exchanged [...]

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