Environmental Sustainability – Theme


Environmental Sustainability Theme "The search for sustainable development becomes a search for an adequate mode of civilization in the 21st Century" - Dr. Paul Raskin The scale of human economic activity in the age of the Anthropocene has reached a level where we are now changing the structure and [...]

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Full Cost Accounting


Why Full Cost Accounting In this video we explain the concept of full cost accounting and why it can be an effective method for managing common natural and social resources in a distributed fashion through the market. Full cost accounting refers to accounting for the complete cost or benefit [...]

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Towards A Nonlinear Economy


Towards A Nonlinear Economy Humans design things, we build systems with the available resources, scientific knowledge and engineering know-how to make our lives better. We experiment test ideas and options keeping the ones that work. That is how our modern economy has developed, how it has evolved. In a [...]

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Dematerialization Explained


Dematerialization: Explainer Dematerialization refers to the absolute or relative reduction in the quantity of materials required to serve economic functions in society. The UNEP defines it as such”the reduction of total materials and energy throughput of any product and service, and thus the limitation of its environmental impact. This includes reduction [...]

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Natural Capital Accounting


Since a number of decades now the unsustainable nature of our industrial economic infrastructure has been made acutely evident. It is becoming increasingly clear that the linear model to industrial age systems of organization creates many negative externalities that render them unsustainable.

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Circular Business Models


As we shift from a linear to a nonlinear economic model the circular economy is enabling an ocean of new value opportunities. Value is shifting from forming part of a linear value chain to all of the space around it; closing loops, looking at synergies between industries, connecting end users, managing full lifecycle and networks of collaboration.

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What is an economy? Is it things, stuff like cars, houses, washing machines and computers? Or is it services? The function of those things, payment services, cleaning services, heating, communication etc. We might say it is both. All the products around us deliver some functionality,