Wicked Problems Video


Wicked Problems Video Short video and text production explaining wicked problems. Wicked problems are highly complex problems. They are unstructured, open-ended, multi-dimensional, systemic, have no known solution. Examples include: inequality, terrorism, environmental degradation or multicultural intergration. Wicked problems as essentially dysfunctionalities within a complex system Systemic... These wicked problems [...]

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Digital Globalization


Digital Globalization The process of globalization is entering a new era characterized by soaring flows of cross-border information. As the locus shifts from physical networks of production and trade to global information networks. The global networks are transforming to become richer, deeper and more distributed through the proliferation [...]

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Adaptive Thinking


Adaptation is a behavior or response that is contingent on its environment, maybe the best way to understand it is to contrast it with reacting, we might think of reacting as a predefined response to a given stimulus, like an automatic door opening whenever someone approaches it.

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The Rise Of Complexity


As the Industrial Age appears to be coming to a close we are left scrabbling for new terms to define the world we live in in the 21st century and there are no shortage of candidates from the Space Age to the Information Age to Globalization

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