Economy Systems Innovation – Theme


Economic Systems Innovation Theme As many nations around the world reach the end of the processes of industrialization and become integrated into a new form of global information and services economy, profound transformations in how our economies work are today well underway. Traditional patterns of work, production, and consumption that [...]

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Complex Engineered Systems – Theme


Complex Engineered Systems - Theme As a function of the rise of information technology, the nature of our technology infrastructure is changing. From driving to work, to paying for a cup of coffee, to checking our emails, with almost every action and activity in our lives today we find ourselves [...]

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Environmental Sustainability – Theme


Environmental Sustainability Theme "The search for sustainable development becomes a search for an adequate mode of civilization in the 21st Century" - Dr. Paul Raskin The scale of human economic activity in the age of the Anthropocene has reached a level where we are now changing the structure and [...]

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Social Innovation – Theme


Social Innovation Theme From Silos to Systems Around the world societies today face a series of complex and seemingly intractable social challenges. Many of our public institutions appear to be in various stages of stalling, inept at responding to the complexity of the social issues presented - issues that [...]

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Systems Innovation – Theme


Systems Innovation Theme See Video Systems innovation is about applying systems and complexity thinking towards enabling innovative solutions and transformative change within complex organizations. This approach is about tackling root causes, it is about a new "holistic" and networked way of thinking call systems thinking that enables us to better [...]

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Systems Innovation London


Systems Innovation London Newsletter Book Tickets Overview Please note: we are still in the early stages of planning for this event, activities and speakers are yet to be confirmed. Systems Innovation is a conference on applying systems and complexity thinking towards innovating new solutions [...]

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