I like this quote from the post “How you build and test something is easy. How you build and test something for all the things that don’t work is the difficult part. The more complicated your ecosystem is, the more challenging it is to prove all the conditions work in the exception cases.” I am always saying this to people.

Yes, I think the platform model is the new model for managing complex organization because instead of the command-and-control management approach it creates the infrastructure or conditions for other people to independently build things and self-organization. In fact, we have a whole paper on the platform model and complex organizations: http://complexitylabs.io/platform-enterprises/
I think it follows the idea that you have to manage by creating the context, as David Snowden of Cognitive Edge says: “It doesn’t have linear material causality, that is the most common understanding of causality within most management. So you can’t say if i do this I will get that result, complexity theory effectively a priori invalidates any method that says it can produce a defined result and that actually changes the game, if you have to manage with systems that are dispositional you have to manage in a radically different way. You have to manage the evolutionary potential of the present moment in time and adjust as you go”