Interview: Complexity & Consciousness

The scientific worldview is essentially a reductive materialistic philosophy, it says that if you want to understand something you start taking it apart in little pieces and then you see how the pieces fit together and then you understand something, but as we know, especially who it’s your interest in complexity theory, that when you start looking at complex systems you can take it apart into little pieces but those little pieces will not tell you how the whole thing is working. The scientific worldview is basically one of reductive materialism the reductive part means that in order to understand something like a material object you take it apart if we want to understand a watch we take it apart we see how the gears work and ultimately you can get a sense a complete sense of how something is working by taking it apart and that works for a lot of the physical world it doesn’t work so well when you’re trying to understand complex systems in consciousness is like a perfect example of that.