User-generated discussion and brainstorming sessions on specific topics


Open Spaces create user-generated discussion and brainstorming sessions around topics of interest to participants within a specific domain, eg finance, energy, governance. They are an opportunity to bring the issues that you are working on and conferring in your domain to the table and brainstorm systems-based solutions. It is an ecosystem for peers to bring their knowledge experience and the challenges they currently face at work. This is a space for individuals and organizations to bring the issues they care about, the challenges they are facing in the work and industry, and to think about how complexity and system thinking can help move the dialog forward.


Open space meetings are called “self-organizing” because, even though all participants have been invited by meeting sponsor and charged with addressing a pre-chosen theme, the agenda and organization of further discussions are created by the participants. Open spaces is a meeting format that tries to surfaces the real issues, captures the best ideas and insights, compiles everything into a final actional report. A facilitator opens up the event by explaining how the game will be played. A marketplace of ideas is created to explore different topics. People get to choose what they are most passionate about and what they want to take responsibility.