Systems Innovation Conference

Is it a conference? A forum? A movement?

Systems Innovation is truly unique and unlike any other event. It starts with a recognition that the same old thinking will create the same old solutions, which are no longer working, we need to innovate and evolved new systems. It is about changing our way of thinking so as to develop new solutions towards realizing sustainable outcomes on a systemic level.

At its heart is a powerful set of new ideas and way of thinking that we call “systems thinking”, which encapsulates a broad set of ideas surrounding networks, holism, emergence, synergies, and adaptation – ideas that have huge relevance to almost all domains in a world that is shaped by increasingly complex social, economic, environmental and technological systems.

SI events are not just about ideas they are as much about the application of those ideas to enabling innovative new solutions to complex challenges, changing whole systems and reinventing the way things work.

We create an “open space” – a platform, for connecting. Connecting experts with those wishing to learn, connecting peers, connecting people with diverse experiences, connecting the fringes to the center. We are looking for the outliers, the Mavericks, the misfits, but we also need those in the mainstream who are open to new ways of doing things, we need both working synergistically to enable system change.

It Is About Connecting the Dots

This is a community optimized for diversity, in expertise, in culture, geography, gender, age – bridging academia and application, technical and non-technical. We are building an ecosystem, searching for synergies and emergence which is fueled by diversity rather than conformity. This is a space where you should feel uncomfortable as you will not be surrounded by your usual colleagues and ways of thinking but at the same time comfortable knowing that everyone else is in the same position.

So why should we gather such a diverse group? The reason is that we now live in a complex world and for anyone of us to be successful in tackling the issues that concern us we need to be working in a way that is synergistic with other areas so as to move whole systems and not just the part we are concerned with. To do that we need to move to a new level of abstraction, find a factor that integrates our diverse initiatives in synergistic ways to enable emergence and solutions to whole system problems. We see this integrating factor as systems thinking, a powerful set of ideas that can help us to speak with one language, achieve greater interoperability and the kind of coordinated effort that is needed for any one of us to be successful in shifting whole systems. It is about connecting the dots across diverse emerging domains to realize their full political.

Themes We Explore

Systems Innovation

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Social Innovation

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SocioEcological Systems

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Complex Engineered Systems

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Economic & Financial Systems Innovation

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