Two of the Best Courses for Learning Complexity

Two great courses from Prof Scott Page that introduce the concepts and model of complexity theory, perfect for beginners. Scott E. Page, is Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science, and Economics, with a back ground in mathematics and a great teaching style he is an excellent present for complexity.

Understanding complexity

This course presents more of a conceptual overview to the subject, it lays down the basic to what complexity is, why it is important to understand and how to define it. Over the course of the next 12 modules he looks at the many different ideas and models that comprise complexity theory from cellular automata, to fractals, powerless, scale free networks, small world, and much more.

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Model Thinking

Model thinking is a great course that introduces the working of a huge variety of the basic models used in complexity theory, it is a perfect starting point to learn not just the ideas of complexity but to see how they work, to get introduced the very basic of the mathematics models that sit under neath the ideas.

This course covers a mind boggling number of different models from the prisoners dilemma game, to mechanism design, to tipping points to replicator dynamics and Prof Page makes them look simple.

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