Wicked Problems Video

Short video and text production explaining wicked problems. Wicked problems are highly complex problems. They are unstructured, open-ended, multi-dimensional, systemic, have no known solution. Examples include: inequality, terrorism, environmental degradation or multicultural intergration. Wicked problems as essentially dysfunctionalities within a complex system Systemic… These wicked problems are systemic in nature. They can be understood as an emergent phenomenon of how the local components interact, of how the system works. and not simply one part of the system that can be isolated, tackled and solved in a linear fashion. Unbounded… Open systems, they are often unbounded in space and time. They cross disciplines, borders, and departments, making them very difficult to structure. You will often hear the word ‘messy’ used when people talk about wicked problems. Interdependent… These problems have also many deep interconnections and interdependencies They are intricately interconnected, interdependent and nonlinear highly interconnected problems, when you try to pull on one part, you end up getting the whole thing. You can’t just solve one part you have to deal with the whole system.