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Si Economics Circle


Today we have begun in very significant ways the transition from an industrial economy to an information networked economy. In advanced economies, we see a new form of organization emerging that goes beyond the industrial model. In post-industrial economies, we are developing an alternative form of organization, global networks, which represent a new level of complexity, processing a new form of resource, information, and knowledge that can be actualized through integrated systems of automated services and technology to enable continuous evolution. We are currently moving in a very concrete way into the Information and Knowledge Age, an idea that has to date been mostly a theoretical concept is rapidly becoming a reality and this transformation is reshaping all areas of society, economy, and technology infrastructure.

The complexity of this environment goes beyond the capacities of the systems of organization that we developed during the industrial era. As such the key shift that needs to come about in responding to the current economic challenges of our time is the move from a dependency on a limited number of people within centralized hierarchical organization, towards leveraging whole systems of organization through networks that engage the resources of the many instead of the few through peer-to-peer production and network exchange. Our Economics Lab Systems Initiatives involve researching, developing and prototyping new economic solutions relevant for an age of networks.