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Si Education Lab
Strategic systems initiatives to change the way we do education


Due to growth in population and the expansion of education systems around the world, UNESCO has estimated that in the next 30 years more people will receive formal education than in all of human history thus far. This extraordinary calculation helps us to grasp the critical moment we live in for education globally.

Unfortunately, though it would seem that our systems of education are trapped in deep contradiction – the institution with the greatest potential impact on the future seems to be the one most fashioned by ideas from the past. It is safe to say that education is facing a sustainability crisis, what worked, in the past is no longer going to work in the future. This crisis in education is no longer something imminent, it is now with us. The way we are teaching people now will be our economies in five-ten years and we know that something very different will be required of people in that world.

Learning can be much deeper and more authentic, it can be so much more than just memorization and retention. With the use of a more holistic paradigm and new technologies, we can build a system that engenders new principles and creates the new outcomes that society and economy need today and going forward.


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