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Si Finance Lab
Strategic systems initiatives to change the way we do finance


Opportunities for building new forms of economic organization though are equally abound. What is needed are economic and financial systems that push outwards instead of in words. Instead of wealth creation always concentrating inwards and upwards, we need systems that push outwards to integrate the many in productive and synergistic ways.

Such new forms of economies are already emerging, they come under the name of alternative economies, distributed economies or token economies. Powered by a new set of web technologies – web 3.0 – they run on a very different set of principles; it is about networks and decentralization, about service ecosystems all recorded through digital token registered on blockchains. Without centralized control, such secure distributed networks hold out the potential to usher in a new infrastructure that is much better suited to supporting a global information and services economy.

But the formation of this new distributed economy is yet in its infancy, it will require new ways of thinking that hinge around complexity theory and networks, new economic models that can be found in complexity economics and the building out of the next era of web technologies.


Portfolio Management

This project is working with Singapore based private equity company RVP applying systems and complexity thinking to help develop the companies in their portfolio to ensure their long term human-centered, ethical and sustainable outcomes.