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Peter NorlindhPeter Norlindh
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I’m by no means an authority on physics. I merely have an interest in it, and unlimited internet access. But from what I gather digging down through the layers of complex chemistry, the elements of the periodic table, the elementary particles and the Standard Model of Particle Physics, -our reality has emerged from some very simple yet illusive something which is fundamentally entangled with space-time itself. And this something is the ultimate focal point that many physicists are now trying to identify and understand.

Now, let’s assume that there is in fact some fundamental building block of physics. Furthermore, let’s make the wild assumption that this fundamental building block is literally energy potentials in the fabric of space-time. And, let’s call this feature “the Root” for short. Additionally, let’s assume that the Root somehow gives rise to the members of the Standard Model and beyond… Then we arguably see a range of different emergent “laws of physics” (including three types of force), already at the Standard Model level. And this set of different coexisting emergent “laws of physics” may be all that the Root of physics has to offer…

And then there’s “Information”, and its embodiment, growth and evolution; further evolving into randomness, geometry, the Standard Model, time, mass, gravity, conservation laws, increasing entropy and such gems. But these things too aren’t optional in any physics landscape of significant complexity, -because they inevitably emerge from the embodiment of information facilitated by the Root. Seen from the perspective of my admittedly enigmatic definition of physics, these features are not really “physics”… Instead, they are just rational consequences of information growth, as computed by the Root (that is, the actual physics of the universe).

Moreover. It may be that the only genuine physics there is, is what’s lurking beneath the emergent Standard Model… and that everything else is just an expression of the information that the Root has convoluted into. In which case, the emergent expression of physics may harbor some spectrum of possible modes, while the actual core, whatever it may be, is fixed.

In other words, both the Root and principles of information growth may be set in stone and already showing all the “laws of physics” that there can ever be.