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Peter NorlindhPeter Norlindh
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Thanks, Joss.

On the one hand I think that UBI can facilitate a number of good super-linear processes such as giving people more security and freedom pursue education, start a business and ensure that their kids embark on a good trajectory. I think UBI could result in more people pursuing their full potential and approaching life with an adaptive strategy, allowing the emergence of more vitality and compassion in society.

I also think that UBI may devalue money per se, and thus reduce the actual impact of growing financial inequality (which is a direct consequence of how financial systems are often deviced).

But on the other hand, people might settle for a passive life without aspirations… However, I’d like to think more highly of our species.

Do you see a sustainable alternative to UBI, as we proceed to make human labour increasingly abundant?

Btw, please expand a little on your last point. It sounds interesting, but I didn’t quite get it 🙂