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Peter NorlindhPeter Norlindh
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Hi Randall,

Good that you ask. I went back and reviewed my original post, and could barely decipher it myself…

Let me try to illustrate what I mean. Suppose we take some peppers, black beans, cheese etc., wrap it all in tortilla and fry it in a pan. The result is a set of flavors, textures, colors and other emergent properties. As it turns out, this is a rather tasty aggregate of emergent properties. However, it will never be a hit on a higher integrative cultural level unless we give it a good handle / name.

A generic term for this type of emergent compound unit may be a “Dish”. More specifically, we may call it an “Enchilada”. The linguistic handle allows Enchiladas to become an integral part of our virtually global food culture. This noun helps us talk about, internalize and even commercialize this yummy aggregate of emergent properties.

Similarly, I would find it a lot easier to introduce and make practical use of Complexity Theory, should we have a good generic term for “an aggregate of emergent entities”. I don’t want to anthromorphize emergent entities, only give it a convenient handle.

The “enchilada” of a school of fish have multiple qualities and capabilities. It can detect and respond to gradients of illuminesence, temperature, sentence of food etc.

The “enchilada” of a company includes the brand, abilities to innovate, interact in the business ecosystem, adapt to new market conditions etc.

The example “consciousness” is just another form of enchilada 🙂

Simply calling it the “enchilada”, or something rather, makes the concept much more tangeable. It incurages a mentality of cultivating it over time, and developing a lasting relationship with it. At least, that’s my view.