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Yep, very true, seeing the whole and the parts. Have you seen Dr. Orit Gal’s website on social acupuncture that talks a lot about the relationship between complexity and Eastern philosophy

“The Chinese epistemic tradition did not develop a similar world of ideal forms in the Greek sense. It therefore also did not explore the relations between theory and praxis but rather sidestepped it altogether. Overall, reality was perceived as a continuous process that stemmed purely from the interaction of the factors at play. These interactions produced both opposing and complimentary dynamics which had to be continuously assessed so as to identify any emerging orders. Thus, for Chinese practitioners, the source of any future order was not a process of wilful creation, but rather a state that has already existed as a potential combination of conditions contained within the course of reality. It was this very combination which needed to be identified as potential from within a situation, rather than through a removed intellectual exercise.”