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Also just found this from Buzz Holling

“In my experience, the philanthropic world has changed significantly. From the late 1980s to maybe 15 years ago, there was a tremendous amount of innovative philanthropic activity, largely by private foundations like the Ford Foundation or the MacArthur Foundation. It was that support that allowed us to develop the Resilience Network. I don’t find that kind of diverse philanthropic support nearly as accessible as it used to be in the 1980s and 1990s. With the financial collapse, we have new global-to-local experiments emerging, yet funding organizations continue to be dominated by their own culture of giving, which doesn’t support such experiments.

I think what has happened is that these foundations have become more ‘professional’ – that is, they have become more oriented to success and less interested in experiment. Many of their new staff have come from business management organizations, which produce people who are interested in well-ordered and well-structured ways to deal with familiar problems. Such approaches work well when the world is stable, but are very destructive when there’s a dramatically changing environment. Foundations are less amateurish, but fundamentally less innovative.”