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Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

The Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) is a Flagship Initiative of Stellenbosch University, South Africa to address the intertwined challenges of environmental and social sustainability by creating a complexity-based inter-and transdisciplinary centre of research and teaching.

The Engagement Company

The Engagement Company is a privately held social impact enterprise. Its purpose is to help businesses engage their stakeholders to create real, sustainable growth

Víctor Bonilla

I was born in Guatemala. My family lives off agriculture. My background is agronomy engineering. I enjoy walking Tobby (my non-human partner), playing guitar, taking photos about nature and visit friends and family in holidays.

Axess Think Tank

AxessThinkTank brings together academic and practitioners whose mission is to share knowledge and promote solutions in the financial services industry, bridging the gap between new ideas in fintech and their application in the financial industry.

Steve Zeiger

The main thrust of this enterprise is the teaching of systems and complexity theory to the agricultural sector in association with the financial benefits of farming with healthy soils.

Joshua Tedam

Strategic. Enterprise Architect aligning Information technology and healthcare business strategy. Doctor Of Busines Administration student researching on technology strategy and complexity in healthcare.

Amis Afa

I am a student in life

Kristel Van Ael

I studied Product Design at UAntwerpen and Integrated Product Design at KULeuven.
In 2008, I joined Namahn as a partner.
I also teach Product-Service Systems Design and Systemic Design at the UAntwerpen.

Lisa Ben

I am always honest with people, my friends tell me that i am pretty funny and that I have a good character. I possess the best family values

Colectivo de Diseño Disruptivo

We are a collective of social change facilitators, interested in the intersection of design and systems to provoke sustainable and positive impact in Latin America.


Wabuntu is the world's first decentralized and autonomous societal (DAS) platform, with its own cryptocurrency (Ubuntucoin) that compensates or rewards users for participating or contributing resources and entertainment to the global community.

Riz Ruzgal

Trying to understand Systems Biology from a pure math training.

Peter Olausson

Former Yale University Cognitive Neuroscientist turned Artificial Intelligence entrepreneur. Co-founder of COGNITUUM AGI, building next-generation AI.

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