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Michael Gaio

Founder, Mythic Systems | Evolutionary Experience Designer | Creative Technologist | UX/UI, VR/AR/XR, AI, Blockchain/DLT

European School of Governance

Thinking without boxes is a major prerequisite for any kind of new thinking and innovation. The disciplinary thinking, which brought us here will not bring us there. Multidisciplinarity is thinking with many boxes. Interdisciplinarity is thinking out of the box.

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

The Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) is a Flagship Initiative of Stellenbosch University, South Africa to address the intertwined challenges of environmental and social sustainability by creating a complexity-based inter-and transdisciplinary centre of research and teaching.

The Engagement Company

The Engagement Company is a privately held social impact enterprise. Its purpose is to help businesses engage their stakeholders to create real, sustainable growth

Christoph Hinske

Our Social Impact Enterprise helps businesses design systemic engagement strategies that drive real, sustainable growth. As cited in the Forbes Magazine, featured by the U.N. PRME and the FaktorX Series of the German Government.

Nancy Bos

Nancy is a professional voice actor working with Complexity Labs as part of the production team. After 20 years in the audio industry, Nancy shares her passion with others through podcasts, blogs, books, voiceover, performing, and teaching.

Mathew Falvai

From Ottawa, Canada Mathew is part of the Complexity Labs production team. He is skilled in audio production, voice over acting, sound tracks, music production and much more.

Víctor Bonilla

I was born in Guatemala. My family lives off agriculture. My background is agronomy engineering. I enjoy walking Tobby (my non-human partner), playing guitar, taking photos about nature and visit friends and family in holidays.


Tokonomics is a community that develops new business models through tokenization, to deliver positive social impacts through business and social enterprise.

Avery Carter

Blockchain Researcher and educational proponent; interested in distributed technologies and scalability issues. Also experimenting with mobile-based AR optimization and edge computing. Always learning and glad to meet new people.


We equip organisations with the ability to understand their complex world through systems engineering disciplines and tools. Utilising these tools to design, execute and visualise enterprises are able to implement strategies, achieve their purpose and make history.

Joshua Tedam

Strategic. Enterprise Architect aligning Information technology and healthcare business strategy. Doctor Of Busines Administration student researching on technology strategy and complexity in healthcare.

Kristel Van Ael

I studied Product Design at UAntwerpen and Integrated Product Design at KULeuven.
In 2008, I joined Namahn as a partner.
I also teach Product-Service Systems Design and Systemic Design at the UAntwerpen.

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