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Social Complexity
Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

The Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) is a Flagship Initiative of Stellenbosch University, South Africa to address the intertwined challenges of environmental and social sustainability by creating a complexity-based inter-and transdisciplinary centre of research and teaching.

Jeff Barlow

I am a semi retired teacher and psychotherapist interested in the application of systems & complexity theory to the field of psychotherapy & the teaching of psychotherapists.

Uri Promentilla

Currently a student at DLSU

Colectivo de Diseño Disruptivo

We are a collective of social change facilitators, interested in the intersection of design and systems to provoke sustainable and positive impact in Latin America.

Sara Medrado

Conhecendo o mundo das Análises de Redes.

Dorian Roffe-Hammond

U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Zambia. Researching evolving future trends in Agriculture.


ShiftN works around the globe with leading organisations in the private sector, public authorities and civil society to unravel problems that demand integrated thinking across multiple sectors and disciplines.

Behrouz Safari

Urban sociologist, interested in complexity theory

Gordon Swenson

Applying CAS principles/design in real life, real time, in pursuit of making life better, for as many people as possible, with a substantial and growing/thriving community. Would love to collaborate.

Stewart Gebbie

With an MSc in Mathematics and working as a Software Architect and Consultant, I am interested in managing and leveraging complex systems. My personal interest includes seeing how tools for Complex Systems Engineering might be applied positively to social systems.

Guilhermina Castro

Graduation and doctorate in Psychology
Advanced training in Morenian Psychodrama
Teacher at the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal
Research: complex narratives in media, character creation and romantic relationships.

Homan Birounvand

Love psychology, sociology and consciousness studies. Have studied 250 points 5 year of studies at Stockholm University,

Michael Zargham

Michael Zargham is the founder and CEO of BlockScience. Dr. Zargham holds a PhD in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied optimization and control of decentralized networks.

Jaime De Miguel

FORMA founder- International workshop for complex systems simulation

Abhishek Gahatraj

Cognitive Science student interested in identity studies.

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