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Token Economies

Tokonomics is a community that develops new business models through tokenization, to deliver positive social impacts through business and social enterprise.

Axess Think Tank

AxessThinkTank brings together academic and practitioners whose mission is to share knowledge and promote solutions in the financial services industry, bridging the gap between new ideas in fintech and their application in the financial industry.

Avery Carter

Blockchain Researcher and educational proponent; interested in distributed technologies and scalability issues. Also experimenting with mobile-based AR optimization and edge computing. Always learning and glad to meet new people.

Hiran Rodrigo Candappa

Actuary working in risk management

BTC Bros Ltd

The BTC Bros group was formed in 2016 by a small group of tech savvy, entrepreneurial thinkers.
The business, was registered in 2017, specialising in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology. Offering industry relevant consultancy, online marketing, educational products & services.

Stephane Baillie-0gee

Consultant, trainer for the EU institutions

Michael Zargham

Michael Zargham is the founder and CEO of BlockScience. Dr. Zargham holds a PhD in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied optimization and control of decentralized networks.

Mehmet Inhan

Engineer & Economist. Currently partner in a corporate governance and credit rating agency. Ever interested in theories of value, chaos, complexity, thermodynamics and information.

Marcin Stepien

Software Engineer

Lucas Pereira

Todo later.


X-Order is the world's leading token virtual economy think tank. We conduct and support inter-disciplinary research in social sciences and technological developments such as token economy, complex systems, artificial intelligence, network topology and cognitive neuroscience.

Joss Colchester

I founded Complexity Labs and work to glue the project together doing a bit of everything from research and video production to consulting, project management and web development.

Domain of Interest: Critical Thinking