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Urban Systems
Brian Dowling

New Community Paradigms blog and wiki focus questions impacting community development and arenas beyond. What I learned in government and interacting on the web regarding governance and community empowerment, particularly through a Systems Thinking lens.

Colectivo de Diseño Disruptivo

We are a collective of social change facilitators, interested in the intersection of design and systems to provoke sustainable and positive impact in Latin America.

Jaime Royo Olid

PhD Candidate in Development Studies

Pierluca D'Amato

I'm a PhD candidate at Durham University, and I am working on contemporary French philosophy of digital technologies.
I'm specialized in process philosophy, and my research articulates the notions of assemblage, emergence and individuation.

Behrouz Safari

Urban sociologist, interested in complexity theory

Stewart Gebbie

With an MSc in Mathematics and working as a Software Architect and Consultant, I am interested in managing and leveraging complex systems. My personal interest includes seeing how tools for Complex Systems Engineering might be applied positively to social systems.

Bilge Ayd?n

I am a Phd Student at Istanbul Technical University. I study the Resilience of Rural Areas and develop a assesment methodology based on Network Theory. Thus, socio-ecologic complex adaptive systems (SECAS) is my focus area.

Jung Hun Yang

I had studied urban planning and geography in university and I worked at GIS industry. I am interested in complex system modeling, smart cities, and especially agent based model coupled with individual firm's and people's behavior.

Marcin Stepien

Software Engineer

Lucas Pereira

Todo later.

Joss Colchester

I founded Complexity Labs and work to glue the project together doing a bit of everything from research and video production to consulting, project management and web development.

Domain of Interest: Critical Thinking