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Luuk Weber

Empowering communities to thrive ? Coordinator Node @caribbeanblockchain ? Genesis Pollinator

Wicked Lab

Helping communities address wicked problems by taking a complex adaptive systems and systemic innovation approach. Research, education and practitioner tools.

Circle: Society
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Ken Carroll

Creative driver personality. Experienced working in large multi-nationals and start-ups / lean / agile orgs. Experienced in developing/leading/transforming diverse teams (people, processes, products).

Cal Desmond-Pearson

Social Change Activist, Camerados, Kindness Collective.

Jose Soto

I own a company that was founded in 1977 by my father. Since 2012 I have been working on transforming a purely commercial enterprise into a social oriented company.

Nabeel Goheer

Assistant Secretary-General at the Commonwealth Secretariat, passionate to make this world a better place by searching systemic solutions of complex problems, and by taking strategic, collaborative, affirmative, and impactful actions