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Systems Innovation Partner Network

Systems Innovation is a collaborative platform for complexity thinking and systems change, we are interested in developing partnerships with individuals and organizations, both within the systems and complexity sphere but also across various related domains in order to facilitate the diffusion of systems thinking and catalyze system change. Our partnerships are designed to create an open channel for exchange of ideas, of services and collaboration on projects.

For Individuals

Individual partners play an active role in the maintenance and development of our platform, they work on a freelance basis – for remuneration or voluntarily – helping us to create everything from this website, to our video courses, to research papers and more. Individual partners can offer their services for exchange and be selected to partake in the various projects we work on.┬áPartners can also benefit from having our platform as a medium and tool for amplifying their influence, engagement and reach within their particular domain.

For Organizations

We are interested in developing partnerships with organizations in related domains to maintain an open channel for exchange and mutual opportunities. As an organization member, you will get access to reuse any of our learning content in your organization or for republishing, to partake in events, ideas exchange, avail of services etc.


You open a channel for possible collaboration with the community; collaborative opportunities that bring people and organizations together to tackle complex challenges no one can solve alone, the potential co-development of projects, support, and direct access to a wealth of domain experts.


You will be kept up to date via our newsletter of the latest developments and new content; be able to participate in live streaming discussions and any possible future seminars or forums for systems thinking and systems doing.


We work as connectors between those who need services and those who are offering them. By becoming a partner you can both provide or avail of various services that our members offer. These include customized research, consulting, innovation and design services.


We drive engagement and bring users to our platform, making it open for others to contribute, to promote their services and offerings where relevant. As such our platform can be an added channel for people to find you and your service.

Let’s Get Started

Becoming a partner is simple, easy and open to everyone. Just shoot us a message with the form below to let us know a bit about you or your organization and why you would like to become a partner, we will then organized to have a talk before adding you as a partner member.