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Saki GeorgiadisAnastasios Georgiadis Staff asked 1 year ago

Does anyone know what the cutting edge thinking is on how to assess organizational culture and effectiveness, using the systems/complexity toolkit? 
Most of what O/D consultants sell in the market is survey/typology based methodologies. Kind of like MBTI for organizations. I won’t call it useless, but for the most part it is limited and lazy analysis. Has anyone seen interesting applications of complexity theory in organizational assessment and design?

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Colchester ProlfinJoss Colchester Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Anastasios, not sure if I know of any specific applications but you might try these resources. 
David Snowden and cognitive edge deal a lot with complexity management, knowledge management, and organization development:
Good intro to complexity theory with respect to management and organizations:
Or try:
Hope that helps