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DWQA QuestionsThe threat of Complex Analytics
Danilo VazDanilo Vaz Staff asked 1 year ago

With our increasing capacity to conduct big data analysis and peel the complex meshes of information surrounding us for the searching of patterns, I can’t help but wonder what are the risks in regards to cultural processes. By understanding culture as an emergent structure that 1) is made of the patterns of communications within a networked community and 2) puts constraints into the overall community, it becomes evident that whoever has the capacity to analyze patterns of communication within networks, have an incredible power to influence cultural processes. The examples are many, such as Cambridge Analytica, but the tendency is that things become increasingly threatening.
So I keep thinking. How do we go about our explorations with big data to answer the question we have, while safeguarding against misuse of power – or even accumulation of power to that matter?