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Technology Circle
Strategic systems initiatives for the development of decentralized technologies


When we think of technology we are apt to think of standalone machines and devices, a chair, a car, a television, individual physical systems that perform standardized mechanical functions. However, today our technology infrastructure is evolving fast as we embed computation in all kinds of machines and connect them up to ever larger networks. As a function of the rise of information technology, the nature of our technology infrastructure is changing. In the industrial age we built individual systems but with the advent of information technology and globalization, a new world of integrated networked systems that cut across specific domains is emerging, they bring a whole new paradigm to our technology infrastructure, challenge our engineering capacity, and understanding how to design and build these complex engineered systems is more important than ever.

Building this next generation of secure, resilient, decentralized and sustainable technology infrastructure will require bringing in new and sophisticated models from complexity theory; a new more holistic and networked way of looking at infrastructure that is relevant for the age of the Internet of Things and the many challenges it presents. Si Technology Lab leverages the power of complexity theory towards building a more resilient and sustainable technology infrastructure that is accessible to all.




We worked with the Blocksafe Alliance for an extended period writing their white paper that outlines the overall project. We then produced explainer videos to communicate this in an accessible form to their community and potential users.