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Systems Innovation is a community-powered platform for the application of systems and complexity theory towards the development of innovative new solutions to wicked problems. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the key systems we all use and rely on need to evolve and we believe that complexity & systems thinking are central to reinventing the way these systems work.

We aim to build a connected and inspired global community of systems thinkers and change agents who can think and act systemically. Our aim is to bring together the best in systems thinking within all relevant domains, from abstract theory and science to practical application – in food systems, energy, finance, engineering, and many other areas. To provide the best in thinking, the tools, and software platform to enable interaction, exchange, collaboration and the formation of functional networks towards systems innovation in thinking and doing. To that end, we build an open platform; open source software, creative commons content and free for anyone to join.

“If solutions within this system are so impossible to find then maybe we should change the system itself”
– Greta Thunberg


Our world is changing in profound ways, while a revolution in information technology is disrupting every industry and aspect of society, new ways of thinking are desperately needed to not just disrupt but reconstruct. A centuries-old analytical reductionist approach to thinking that has built our modern world, that has been so successful in the past is no longer so. We can’t solve the problems of today with the same thinking that created them, new ways of thinking are needed to take us forwards, complexity and systems thinking provide a solid theoretical infrastructure for reframing debates, for requestioning issues and developing innovative solutions to current stumbling blocks – both in theory and in application. We believe that complexity + systems thinking are central to reinventing the way things work.

What We Do


Build a community and foster collaboration through
the use of web technologies


Create eLearning courses teaching people about systems and complexity theory


Provide research, analysis and solution papers addressing complex problems


We serve a broad and diverse community of users from business management to researchers, to analysts, policymakers and technologies. Systems Innovation is a collaborative effort, a small network of members produce the web site and videos while an extended network of partners contribute to research and content production.

Aaron Appleton

Learning Experience Designer - wild about designing media and experiences that explore the stories of science through art

Víctor Bonilla

I was born in Guatemala. My family lives off agriculture. My background is agronomy engineering. I enjoy walking Tobby (my non-human partner), playing guitar, taking photos about nature and visit friends and family in holidays.

Nancy Bos

Nancy is a professional voice actor working with Systems Innovation as part of the production team. After 20 years in the audio industry, Nancy shares her passion with others through podcasts, blogs, books, voiceover, performing, and teaching.


The content we produce is a synthesis of many different sources, primarily research papers, books, lectures and of course Wikipedia. We do not pretend to be an authority on the subject of complex systems (as there is no such thing) like all information on the internet you should cross-reference it and develop your own critical thinking skills.

All of the content we produce is licensed under Creative Commons you can download it and use it in your own project as you see fit, copy, remix or post it on your own site, whatever suits you. You can download it by clicking here

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