Portfolio Management

Organization Design

This project is working with Singapore based private equity company RVP applying systems and complexity thinking to help develop the companies in their portfolio to ensure their long term human-centered, ethical and sustainable outcomes. This first project involves working with one of their early stage portfolio companies in America call Talentism an innovative strategy consultancy company that unleashes the productive potential of people. Currently, we assist them in developing a service called Talent Architecture an approach to building culture, work structures and management solutions that take advantage of the strengths of people and try to unleash their individual capacities, better aligning them with the overall organization’s culture and objectives.

Tags: Financial Innovation, Investment, Integrated Investment, Capital Markets, Stragorgy, Risk Management, Asset Allocation


  • Completion Date: Ongoing

  • Partner Location: Signapore

  • Foundered: Yes


Product Design 70%
Identity Creation 75%

Who’s Involved