Design Services


Systems Design Bringing systems thinking to the design of complex systems The same patterns, structures, and design principles apply to all complex systems whether they be those seen in nature or in our engineered environments. Through a better understanding of complexity, we can build systems that better reflect those [...]

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Consulting Services


Consulting Helping members to apply systems thinking in their organization or solution Systems thinking can be applied to creating innovative solutions within almost any area, but maybe you are not sure where to start or need a helping hand? We can offer you support and consulting on the use [...]

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Research Home


Research & Analysis Bringing a systems perspective to gain a better understanding of complex systems With a huge knowledge base and the network of system thinkers and domain experts on our platform, we function as an independent research and analysis provider for external organizations. Systems thinking is an alternative [...]

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About Systems Innovation


Idea It all starts with a simple idea, we need to change the way we do things around here by using systems thinking to innovate and change not just parts but whole systems. Network We build an inclusive network of individuals and organizations using systems and complexity thinking, making [...]

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