Token Economy Design

This project is in collaboration with Tokenomics, an Irish based startup that develops new business models through tokenization, to deliver positive social impacts. We will be working closely with the Tokonomic team to design all aspects of their token economic model, including a number of innovative solutions such as Lifabetes a platform developing solutions through tokenization to prevent, reverse or manage diabetes, through collaboration with diabetics, nutritionists, medics and researchers. Another example is Communicrop is a community platform that will tokenize the creation, growth and sustainability of organic farms, artisan producers and new innovative approaches to healthy food production among many others.

Tags: Token Economies, Blockchain, Token Design, Systems Design, Social Innovation


  • Completion Date: Ongoing

  • Partner Location: Ireland

  • Foundered: Yes

  • Web:


Systems Design 80%
Research 58%

Who’s Involved