Complexity & The Philanthropy Economy

This is a research project initiated by Dwight Poler to apply complexity theory to modeling and rethinking the philanthropy economy. This project will involved conducting research to produce a paper that covers the following topics:

Insight – What is The Philanthropy Economy?
Laying down a definition for philanthropy and the philanthropy economy
Giving some historical context to its development

Analys – How Does Philanthropy Economy Work Today?
Looking at the current state of philanthropy
Identifying its key structure attributes
Identifying the limitations and problems caused by the current system

Transition – Applying Complexity Theory to Rethinking the Philanthropy Economy
Giving an overview to what a complexity approach would look like
Tracing out the major changes in how we do philanthropy required to get to this new model

Solutions – IT Enabled Philanthropy
Given an overview to how we can use online platforms to create a distributed philanthropy economy

Project Details

  • Completion Date: 30-4-2019

  • Location: United States


Research 70%
Analysis 50%

Who’s Involved

Dwight Poler