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Si Governance Lab
Strategic systems initiatives to change the way we do governance


The current context of political organization is one of profound disruption and transformation, where our existing Industrial Age paradigm to governance is being redefined. The transition to a networked society will clearly not be a smooth one, with the hallmarks being political paralysis and disruption. In such a period of rapid deep transformation old political categories will be rendered largely irrelevant; traditional Industrial Age political dynamics surrounding state and market, left and right wing, socialism and capitalism cease to have meaning as the context that created them cease to exist.

The question then is what will this mean for political organizations. All organizations operate within an environment and to survive and develop they have to be structured so as to be able to access and process the given resources within that environment. When the context changes organizations either adapt or are over time rendered less relevant as they are not able to respond to the new challenges within the broader environment. Our Governance Lab Systems Initiatives are designed to explore and experiment with this very question with the aim to prototype real-world solutions to the challenges faced by the public sector today.

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