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Media & Culture
Cal Desmond-Pearson

Social Change Activist, Camerados, Kindness Collective.

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Julien Apelian

I'm a philosophy student interested in complexity sciences, philosophy of science and multimedia, to name a few.

Nicola Lettieri

Researcher at the National Institute for Public Policy Analysis, I?m adjunct professor of Legal Informatics and Computational social science at the University of Sannio. My research lies at the intersection between Law, Complexity theory and Computational social science.

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Casey Herd

Former Principal Dancer with Dutch National Ballet - Now - Teacher | Traveler | Photographer | Cryptocurrency Enthusiast | Working on a project to revolutionise performing arts funding through blockchain.

Rubén Darío Villota Galeano

Bachelor in Basic Education with Emphasis in Social Sciences from the University of Nariño-Colombia, Researcher in Computational Social Sciences.