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Si Partner Organizations

Si Partner Organizations are our network of partners within different domains, from finance and healthcare, to technology and design that we collaborate with to enable systems innovation


Using systems thinking to tackle global sustainability challenges and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Except Integrated Sustainability

Except is an innovation, design, and development consultancy building the foundations of a sustainable society.

Living Lab For Health

As part of IrsiCaixa The Living Lab for Health carries out projects for health promotion and transformation. We promote health with and for society in collaboration with universities, research centres, patient associations, policy makers, industry and the education community.

Interest: Health Care
Wicked Lab

Helping communities address wicked problems by taking a complex adaptive systems and systemic innovation approach. Research, education and practitioner tools.

Interest: Economy
European School of Governance

Thinking without boxes is a major prerequisite for any kind of new thinking and innovation. The disciplinary thinking, which brought us here will not bring us there. Multidisciplinarity is thinking with many boxes. Interdisciplinarity is thinking out of the box.

Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

The Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) is a Flagship Initiative of Stellenbosch University, South Africa to address the intertwined challenges of environmental and social sustainability by creating a complexity-based inter-and transdisciplinary centre of research and teaching.

The Engagement Company

The Engagement Company is a privately held social impact enterprise. Its purpose is to help businesses engage their stakeholders to create real, sustainable growth


Tokonomics is a community that develops new business models through tokenization, to deliver positive social impacts through business and social enterprise.

Axess Think Tank

AxessThinkTank brings together academic and practitioners whose mission is to share knowledge and promote solutions in the financial services industry, bridging the gap between new ideas in fintech and their application in the financial industry.


We equip organisations with the ability to understand their complex world through systems engineering disciplines and tools. Utilising these tools to design, execute and visualise enterprises are able to implement strategies, achieve their purpose and make history.

Colectivo de Diseño Disruptivo

We are a collective of social change facilitators, interested in the intersection of design and systems to provoke sustainable and positive impact in Latin America.


Wabuntu is the world's first decentralized and autonomous societal (DAS) platform, with its own cryptocurrency (Ubuntucoin) that compensates or rewards users for participating or contributing resources and entertainment to the global community.

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